Easy Profits Using PPC In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

PPC is one of the four basic types of Search Engines. PPC is also one of the most cost-effective ways of targeted internet advertising. According to Forbes magazine, PPC or Pay Per Click, accounts to 2 billion dollars a year and is expected to increase to around 8 billion dollars by the year 2008.

Let us take a quick look at how PPC Search Engines work.

These engines create listings and rate them based on a bid amount the website owner is willing to pay for each click from that search engine. Advertisers bid against each other to receive higher ranking for a specific keyword or phrase.

The highest bidder for a certain keyword or phrase will then have the site ranked as number 1 in the PPC Search Engines followed by the second and third highest bidder, up to the last number that have placed a bid on the same keyword or phrase. Your ads then will appear prominently on the results pages based on the dollar amount bid you will agree to pay per click.

How do you make money by using PPC into your affiliate marketing business?

Most affiliate programs only pay when a sale is made or a lead delivered after a visitor has clickthrough your site. Your earnings will not always be the same as they will be dependent on the web site content and the traffic market.

The reason why you should incorporate PPC into your affiliate marketing program is that earnings are easier to make than in any other kind of affiliate program not using PPC. This way, you will be making profit based from the clickthroughs that your visitor will make on the advertiser’s site. Unlike some programs, you are not paid per sale or action.

PPC can be very resourceful of your website. With PPC Search Engines incorporated into your affiliate program, you will be able to profit from the visitor’s who are not interested in your products or services. The same ones who leave your site and never comes back.

You will not only get commissions not only from those who are just searching the web and finding the products and services that they wanted but you will be able to build your site’s recognition as a valuable resource. The visitors who have found what they needed from you site are likely to come back and review what you are offering more closely. Then they will eventually come back to search the web for other products.

This kind of affiliate program is also an easy way for you to generate some more additional revenues. For example, when a visitor on your site does a search in the PPC Search Engine and clicks on the advertiser bided listings, the advertisers’ account will then be deducted because of that click. With this, you will be compensated 30% to 80% of the advertisers’ bid amount.

PPC is not only a source of generating easy profits; it can also help you promote your own site. Most of the programs allow the commissions received to be spent for advertising with them instantly and with no minimum earning requirement. This is one of the more effective ways to exchange your raw visitors for targeted surfers who has more tendencies to purchase your products and services.

What will happen if you when you integrate PPC into your affiliate program?

PPC usually have ready-to-use affiliate tools that can be easily integrated into your website. The most common tools are search boxes, banners, text links and some 404-error pages. Most search engines utilize custom solutions and can provide you with a white-label affiliate program. This enables you, using only a few lines of code, to integrate remotely-hosted co-branded search engine into your website.

The key benefits? Not only more money generated but also some extra money on the side. Plus a lifetime commissions once you have referred some webmaster friends to the engine.

Think about it. Where can you get all these benefits while already generating some income for your site? Knowing some of the more useful tools you can use for your affiliate program is not a waste of time. They are rather a means of earning within an earning.

Best know more about how you can use PPC search engines into your affiliate program than miss out on a great opportunity to earn more profits.

Autoresponders and Shopping Cart Integration

When people place orders through your website, it is always a good idea to immediately acknowledge the purchase. One way to do this is with the use of an autoresponder that can be integrated with your shopping cart. In fact, many shopping carts that are available today have their own autoresponders built into the system.

When you set up your autoresponder to send a message to someone that has placed an order, there are several things that should be included in the message. This is an opportunity to ‘speak’ to your customer, and to let them know about other deals that you have or special items that you have available. You should not miss this opportunity.

Do not try to get your ‘thank you’ sales message on the same autoresponder as the customers email receipt. Putting the sales message on an email that is automatically sent to grant the customer access to their purchase is also a bad idea – that would go better with the receipt. Make sure your ‘thank you’ sales message is a message that is sent out all by itself, so your customer can focus solely on that!

Thank the customer for their recent purchase. Tell them how much their purchase will help them, and then tell them about other available products that work well with the one that they just purchased, or that are similar to the one that they just purchased in some way. For instance hair conditioner works with hair shampoo. Vacuum cleaner bags or carpet powder works well with vacuum cleaners. Just let them know about the various products that you offer that will compliment their purchase in some way.

The important thing is to not let your customer get away without further contact! Think about being in a brick and mortar store. When you go up to the counter to pay, there are many items there for sale. These items are meant to be picked up as last minute purchases, or impulsive purchases. Your ‘thank you’ sales letter serves the same purpose.

Don’t make the mistake of bombarding your customer! You can usually send them periodic information about your specials after they have made a purchase through you, but emailing them on a
daily basis with your offers is not good business! Use your autoresponder responsibly! Make sure that your autoresponder is set up to handle automatic remove requests, and make sure that the information that you are sending your customers is of value to them.

Personalizing Autoresponders

Have you ever walked into a store in your town, and been addressed by name? This has probably happened to you at stores that you frequent often. The shop owner knows your name, and uses it. He remembers you, and he wants you to know that he cared enough about you and your business to remember you. In the offline world, this is just one aspect of customer support.

Customer service like this is almost impossible to achieve on the Internet, but some semblance of it can exist when you personalize your autoresponder messages. Autoresponder messages can be set up to address people by their first or last name – or both. In fact, there is quite a bit of personalized information that can be added, depending on the autoresponder that you are using.

The information is included in the autoresponder messages by using codes. Each autoresponder will use different codes to insert the information in your messages. You simply write your message, and put the codes where you want the personalized information to appear. For instance, your message may start out with ‘Hello (code for first name)! In this case, the person’s first name will be inserted where that code is.

Personalizing your autoresponder messages will most likely improve your response rate. Research has shown that emails that are personalized with the person’s first name are opened more often, and those people are generally more receptive to the contents of the email message. It is usually very easy to do. You write one message, using the codes where you want the personalization, then, no matter who that one email is sent out to, their personal information will appear where the codes are.

Of course, the autoresponder must collect the information first. This is done with the use of forms that activate the autoresponder. For instance, if you are giving away a free ebook, and you have your visitor fill out a form with their email address to receive the download instructions for the ebook by email, that form should collect any type of information that you want for personalization – such as a first name, as well as the email address. If that information is not collected, the autoresponder won’t have anything to insert where that code appears in your messages!

Take a look around the control panel of your autoresponder, and find out what type of personalization you can add to your autoresponder messages. You may be very surprised at the improved results!

Using Your Autoresponder to Generate Leads

Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools that you can have if you are doing business online. In fact, the
only thing more important that the autoresponder is your opt-in list! But all autoresponders start out without a list – the list doesn’t
exist until your autoresponder mailing list starts filling up with names and email addresses!

The easiest and fastest way to build up an email list is to give things away for free. Some marketers will tell you that this is a
waste of time – and if you already have a list of one hundred thousand people that you can market to, then it probably is. But for
those who do not already have a list, this is the way that it gets built! You simply pay for advertisement to promote your freebie.
Don’t think of this as lost money, think of it as an investment in future earnings.

Give away an ezine, free reports, free ebooks, free access to private websites, or anything else that you can think of. The object is
to get people to sign up to receive that freebie, and to agree to receive email from you in the future! It is a win-win situation for
everyone, but you get more than anyone else in the deal. The person gets a freebie. You get their name and email address, and
permission to email them in the future.

But if you do it right, you get even more than that. The freebie that you give away should also be used to promote your products or
services. Even if it just has affiliate links for products or services that are related to the topic of the freebie, it is a way to generate
extra revenue. Then, when you send email in the future, you can again promote your products or services. Just be sure to include
valuable information in the email as well, or you will have people dropping off of your autoresponder mailing list like flies!

Using every opportunity that is presented to you in the world of Internet Marketing is vital to your success. You have the opportunity
to earn money in the freebie that you create, you have the opportunity to earn money when you send the ‘thank you’ email after a
person has requested your freebie, and you have the opportunity to earn money every time an autoresponder message is sent out
to that list in the future! Don’t waste those opportunities, and put it all in automatic mode with the use of an autoresponder.

Creating an Outline Can Dramatically Improve Your Article Writing

The truth is that writing is a pet hate for many of us. Throughout school we have written an endless number of essays and articles and from a personal point of view I hardly ever looked forward to the prospect of writing. It seemed so difficult to keep the flow of an article going, and many times I use to run out of points to mention, making the content uninteresting and bland. However, at a time when article writing can dramatically improve website promotion, it is a method that should not be avoided.

Although there are a great number of people who like to write articles, either to promote their product or website, or to display their expertise in an area, there are also many more that would rather walk on hot coals than to sit down and write out an article. The key between the two sets of people is that one is prepared and has methods and procedures in place to quickly and effectively write articles, and the other does not plan at all.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself is to make an outline first. This will make you prepared for what you want to get across in the article and make the article flow. Using an outline you can start with the idea that you initially have for the article and make a plan for the succeeding steps. This will not only make the article more readable and understandable, but also make article writing easier and faster.

Rather than to sit and think of different sections of an article, an outline will provide a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Also brainstorm sentences and ideas that you feel would compliment the article and contribute to the impact it may have on a reader. These points could make the article creative, interesting and appealing to the reader.

Here I will provide a few tips and guidelines so that you can create an outline for all of your articles:

Do a brainstorming session and write down the good ideas that usually come to you first. Imagine being in the readers’ position and think of what might attract their interest. Assign a time frame that you aim to stick to, where you can write down all of your ideas and do any research that you may need to do. Review the ideas that you have jotted down and become familiar with the topic so that writing them in the article will be easy.

Next, determine the sub topic and sub titles of the article. If your article has apparent sections, you will then be able to make them clear for the reader using sub titles.

Now you can begin to add the “meat” of the article. You will need to connect all of your paragraphs and sub topics to form the body of the article. While you will have an introduction that will guide into the ideas of your paragraph, you will also need a conclusion to conclude your points and to drive in the purpose of the article.

Your article outline will also require you to write a draft. This may be required several times so that the outline is perfected as more drafts are written. The draft is meant for your eyes only so experiment with paragraphs and sentences so that the article reads how you see fit. As you write more drafts you will see clearly how the article progresses to the verge of being complete.

Re-read what you have written. Always refer to your outline so that you keep to the guidelines that you have set out for yourself. It’s very easy to get caught up in a particular sentence and to go off at a tangent. Your outline should stop this from happening. All the time spent writing out your outline should not go to waste. Trust and rely on your outline because it can prove to be a very helpful tool in writing all of your articles.

For some, writing articles is a unappealing thought, but an important one to undertake in internet marketing. Creating an outline can solve problems that many encounter.

Article Shelf Life: Getting the Most Out of What You Write

I admit that the internet is definitely for the “here and now.” Always changing, what may be popular one day may be irrelevant the next. A den of “fast track fads” is what the internet has become. Still, if you are an article writer, you know that the web content you provide for your customers today must have an extended shelf life with it, otherwise your customers lose out and your reputation sinks. You can write relevant and persuasive content that doesn’t lose its sheen with time; read on and I will show you how.

It is a given that if you write seasonal articles these very same articles will quickly lose their appeal once the season is over. Few people are interested in Valentine’s Day pitches outside of January and February, but you can keep their interest strong year round by not directly focusing on products, but on the history of the holiday. I have discovered that my seasonal articles are likely to get read “out of season” if they deal more with something beyond an overt sales pitch. Give readers something to digest other than talking about chocolates and flowers; you can discuss “love” a timeless subject with universal appeal!

In addition, stay away from explicit dates. If you mention something to the effect, “here in December 2005…” you will quickly age your article in no time. This can be difficult to do if you are mentioning something like current mortgage trends or recent world events. All of those hurricane articles you read just a few months ago seem distant and certain to be ignored by readers who are focusing on current events [however, they may become valuable again when the next hurricane season rolls around]. It is okay to write current event articles, but expect them to quickly fade into oblivion once the event has passed.

Typically, the subject of “shelf life” does not come up with my customers. If I am asked, I mention that each article should have at least one year’s appeal before an update might be necessary. This is reasonable length of time given the fast paced changes on the web. Naturally, if the customer wants me to do the update, they will be charged the same rate as a fresh article: in reality I provide to my customers a new article, not some cut and paste update.

Finally, I never give explicit guarantees for an article’s effectiveness because once it leaves my hands, I seldom know exactly what a customer will do with it [i.e., place it in a newsletter, turn around and sell it, put it on their web site, etc.]. My customers know that what I write for them can be effective, but its ultimate impact is only as good as what they choose to do with it.

Auto Bitcoin Cash – Look forward to my review, soon!

First off, hello! Welcome to my site!

It’s pretty obvious what this site is about, huh? :)

Well, either way, I wanted to give you a heads up. Auto Bitcoin Cash is going to be releasing pretty soon – Feb. 18th if I recall correctly – and no doubt there is a lot of hype and speculation right now about the product. I bet you’re wondering if it can really live up to all its hype – or if it’s just a crock of BS.

Well, so am I! That’s mainly why I decided to make this site.

I’m going to be following along, too. I want to see what this product has to offer. That’s why I wanted to let you know that I intend to take a look at it and give you my own Auto Bitcoin Review.

Of course, I won’t be able to give you much information until AFTER the release date. But, don’t just forget about this site until then! I’ll be sharing some neat marketing tips by posting them on this site. I plan to share at least one cool thing a day, so keep your eyes glued to this site for more information!

How writing articles will benefit your website

If you have a website or plan to have one and you don’t know how to write articles, you need to start learning how to write articles, download articles from other authors (Have in mind that if you download articles from other authors you need to follow some rules. One of them is that you can’t change anything on the article and that you need to have the author name on the article) or the other choice that you have is that you need to pay someone to write articles for your website.

If you want inbound links to your site one way to do this without paying is writing articles and post them in different sites that allow you to submit articles. Make sure you submit your article on the right category and also make sure you write the articles according to their terms. If you don’t follow the terms then you won’t have your article publish.

One advantage that you can get with writing articles is that if your article get submitted that is an automatically inbound link to your site without having to add a link on your site to them. Also a lot of people will read your article and some of them will download your article for content on their site. Think about this for one second – “This means for every person that downloads your article and adds the article for content to their site, you’ll get an inbound link to your site”. Don’t you think this is a good start?

So if you are not that good with writing articles you have couple options, link popularity, Link Exchange or Inbound Links. I think if you want to have a good website you need to combine all of them together but as a webmaster you always have your choices. I hope this article helps you to understand more about How writing articles will benefit to your website.